Application period for the 2022 grants

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The next application period will be October 15th to November 30th, 2021. Note that the same dead-line, November 30th, applies for recommendations, so ask for the recommendations well before that. It is not enough to give the name of a referee in the application, because the grant committee does not usually contact any referees. The recommendation is to be included with the application, either by the applicant or by the person giving the recommendation.

The boards of the Magnus Ehrnrooth Foundation and Societas Scientiarum Fennica have approved updated guidelines for the support of research. Acquaint yourself therefore thoroughly with the updated advice given on the various pages of this website before moving to the application pages. Possible comments and improvement suggestions to the website can be sent to

Graduate student cotutelle grants in the sciences supported by the Magnus Ehrnrooth Foundation are now open for application. The grants are financed within the framework of the Mauperuuis program between Finland and France. If you are applying for a cotutelle grant your application should in addition to the normally requested information also include the necessary information about the French collaborator and show the readiness and ability of the French institution to allocate the necessary funds for the collaboration. The cotutelle grantee must during the first year of studies apply for the right to conduct PhD studies also at the French university in question.